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Our tiny houses offer guests a comfortable stay with its well-equipped kitchenette, hot showers and a waterless eco-friendly compost toilet. 

Nature is one of the best healing and teaching environment. When we spend time to reconnect with Nature, we heal, re-energise and revitalise ourselves. Just sitting and listening quietly to the sounds of Nature, we will feel whole again. This is a great place for you to spend time in Nature and practise dadirri – an indigenous approach to healing. Gather around campfires, listen to each other’s stories and really spend time together.

We work closely with Australian farm owners to curate authentic and unique farm experiences. Unlike the zoo, you will get to see how real farms work. Our friendly farmers can bring you on a farm tour and even let you get hands-on with feeding the animals. Support our local farmers and do a farmstay with us!    




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