It all started in 2017 when a young man named Adrian was on vacation at the picturesque Great Ocean Road. He loved the beautiful coastal scenery and felt that this was exactly what city dwellers would need in order to

“re-energise ourselves. 

"Those of us who live in the city lead a hectic, digital lifestyle.

Most of the time, all we want is a getaway"

The young man partnered with two friends, Dave and Jeff to build tiny houses and place them on land with beautiful scenery. Thus Tiny Away was born. It was born out of a desire to offer city dwellers a place to escape from the city and recharge in nature.

The tiny house movement started off in America and became an international trend. It is an architectural and social philosophy that advocates living simply in small, affordable and eco-friendly homes. In order to live in a smaller space, one would have to downsize and simplify their lives by reducing the amount of material possessions they have. As such, tiny houses help to reduce resource consumption and are a cost-effective and sustainable way of living.

Riding on the international trend in tiny houses, we have taken the tiny house movement one step further by partnering with land hosts and placing our beautifully designed and handcrafted homes on wheels in spectacular rural settings, surrounded by Nature.

We believe that all good things should be shared. To share this with everyone, we have integrated the concept of tiny houses with eco-tourism. Our tiny houses are designed to be eco-friendly and are built with sustainable materials. By putting our tiny houses on booking platforms like Airbnb and Booking.com, we have made it possible for anyone to book a stay in a tiny house. This gives people, especially those stressed out city folks, a chance to experience the tiny house lifestyle in Nature;


To Discover Nature and Stay in Comfort.


“This Tiny House is on the most beautiful of land, with views for miles and a couple of goats for good measure. It was such a lovely experience. We loved our stay!

Laura, South Yarra, Australia


Australia Offices


3/ 23-25 Lara Way, Campbellfield, VIC 3061, Australia


294 Palmyra Avenue, Shanes Park, NSW 2747, Australia


ask@tinyaway.com  |  Tel: 1800 181 926

International Offices

15 Yishun Industrial Street 15, Win 5, #02-15

Singapore 768091

No 43 Jalan SME 3, Kawansan Perindustian SME, Bandar Indahpura, 81000, Kulai, Johor, Malaysia

ask@bigtiny.com.sg  |  Tel: +65 6525 5282

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