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Gloucester, New South Wales, is known for its thrilling rodeos, magical nature walks and gripping gold rush history. Check out and immerse yourself in the charming country towns nestled in amongst rolling hills. Endless picturesque views and scenery, explore all that Gloucester has to offer by car or by foot and end the day by staying in one of our many cosy, inviting Tiny Houses.

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Gloucester Getaways

Unplug from the digital-driven city living and discover just how refreshing it is to become one with the sights and sounds of the surrounding nature when you stay with us. 


Fall in love with our unique stays and create memories that will last a lifetime! Whether you are looking for spectacular wilderness or an exciting adventure, Gloucester has it all. With the help of Tiny Away, you can take your time to experience it all! Our tiny houses will take care of all the creature comforts you desire, as guests are offered a luxurious, comfortable accommodation fully included with well-equipped kitchenettes, hot showers and waterless eco-friendly compost toilets.  Completely let go of the stresses of day to day life and come relax, recharge and connect with nature at Tiny Away Gloucester Accommodation.


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