Allie & Patrick Adventures into South Melbourne

Day 1 – Walk the bush trails in Gherang

We checked in in the afternoon, and immediately wanted to explore the quaint farm land that the house resides on. There is privacy in every direction and a serenity that seems to invite itself to our front door…serenity must be the name of several of the sheep on the farm land, because they also paid us a visit. While walking the property we found a winding bush trail crowded with kangaroo and wallaroo but not with people! This Tiny Away adventure is a welcome break from the beeps, whistles, and buzzes of technology and distraction leaving my fiancé and me with the peace and time to focus on each other and ourselves. After stretching our legs on the hike, we returned to the house for a shower and to cook our dinner on the full stove top. I didn’t look at my phone once. As the sun went down the fire pit lit up. It was exactly what we needed to cap off a truly wonderful first day. This house had everything we needed. With a glass of wine and a couple fresh books we settled into the loft bed with the fire in the wood stove fireplace’s glowing embers instead of our phones or television.

Day 2 – Visit Otway National Park, Erskine Falls, Lorne Esplanade, and drive the Great Ocean Road

Our second day started with a cup of coffee and some eggs and bacon, and we planned our outing to Otway National Park to see Erskine Falls. On the way we passed adventure climbing and ropes courses. We were also able to catch glimpses of the beach, which taunted us. Erskine Falls’ majesty is something to be seen firsthand. There are two viewing platforms. One near the top of the falls, but the true beauty is at the bottom.  We followed the steps down to the platform which gave us a decent perspective, but blazing our own trail has always been something we’re comfortable with so we hopped the rocks for a closer look to where we could feel the rush of wind and mist from the falls. Couldn’t help but steal a kiss from Allie in this moment. After the falls we made our way to the coastal town of Lorne, just down the street. We rested on the beach and caught some sun and had a classic fish and chips dinner, with an audience of cockatoos at one of the many restaurants on the esplanade. From Lorne we took the scenic Great Ocean Road all the way home. We made our way back to our tiny abode and nestled in after a day well spent.

Day 3 – Relax in the Peninsula Hot Springs 

We pulled into our second Tiny Away adventure to a modern style tiny house that was seated on a beautiful farm, nestled under two lemon trees. The hosts told us we could make use of them provided we needed them for a drink garnish! The first thing that struck Allie and me was the large windows allowing for the sunlight to flood every inch of the house.  We checked in as early as possible so we could spend the bulk of our day at the Peninsula Hot Springs. Allie and I explored each pool, some perched on the top of a tall hill, others surrounding an amphitheater with soothing music.  We discovered the healing feeling of the Turkish steam room and the vitalizing shock of the cold pool. After hours in the pools we put our robes on and had a drink and dinner at the dinner café. We returned back to the tiny house, relaxed and relieved of the bodily tension from the long drive earlier in the day. 

Day 4 – Run/walk the Bushranger Trail to the Cape Schanck Lighthouse

Waking up, I quickly realized that I haven’t had a better night sleep in Australia. I woke up, bathed in sunlight and feeling energized for the day. After enjoying a big breakfast and a cup of coffee with my love we decided to find a trail and a beach. The hosts told us of the Bushranger trail which leads to a beach and eventually to a gorgeous lighthouse providing guiding light on Cape Schanck.  Allie and I drank some water and put on our running shoes and set out on the Bushranger trail. We saw other motivated hikers, many of them passed on encouragement and jokes as we jogged passed them.  We hustled to the first long staircase leading to a secluded beach. We explored the rocks and boulders and watched the tide crash on the distant cliffs. Once we caught our breath we hustle back up the steps, huffed and puffed our windy way for the next three kilometers to the Lighthouse at Cape Schanck. We saw some busses in the parking lot, and we felt like we earned the majestic view from the bluffs. Once more we caught our breath and ran back to the trailhead. 

Day 6: Explore the Bass Coast

Checking in to our tiny home turned out to be a huge treat because right outside the home was a giant, 40-meter labyrinth! The labyrinth has always symbolized a journey to our own center and the passage back out into the world. Funny enough, disconnecting and spending time with the person you love makes that spiritual journey a little easier. After checking in, we headed into the town of Grantville for some dinner and a sunset overlooking French Island. 

Day 5 – Visit the wineries of the Mornington Peninsula

One of the biggest perks about staying in this Tiny Away home is that it’s situated right across the street from the Old Apple Shed at Tallarida Estate—an amazing local winery free of tourists! Take a tour of the facility and relax outside with a variety of homemade wines and ciders. We had lovely conversations with the owner and her dog and found out they do live music there every Sunday. If you want to see a variety of wineries, there are many tour operators no more than 10 minutes from the Tiny Away house that can shuttle you around the area for a day tour. 

Day 7: Do a Day Trip to Phillip Island

Phillip Island was hands-down the coolest thing we did on the Bass Coast! There’s so much to do, from watching penguins waddle into shore to tasting a myriad of chocolate flavors at the Chocolate Factory. We decided to explore Phillip Island Wildlife Park—a 60-acre park with free-roaming kangaroos, emus and wallabies. Included in the price of admission is a bag of food that you can use to feed as many kangaroos as you want. If you need something to do at night, check out the Penguin Parade on the southwest side of the island. Each night, hundreds of penguins waddle in from the sea to their burrows around 9pm, and you can watch them from various viewing areas. We decided to call it an early night, so we went north to Cowes to walk along the beach and enjoy another stunning sunset. 

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