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St Albans

The small historic town of St Albans, New South Wales, boasts an ideal location for your next holiday. Surrounded by rolling hills and mountains and nested alongside the tranquil Macdonald river you will genuinely be able to switch off and soak in the blissful landscapes, nature and wildlife. Embark on a breathtaking scenic drive and disconnect from your busy lifestyle by staying in one of our many Tiny Houses.

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St Albans Getaways

Tiny Away offers a home away from home with a one of a kind, unique experience. Refresh all your senses and take in all the surrounding sights and sounds of St Albans. Our Tiny House accommodation experiences in St Albans create memories you will remember for a lifetime. Picturesque views and relaxing, peaceful sounds of surrounding wildlife, you won’t ever want to leave! The natural beauty and copious amounts of activities will provide the ideal location for your next holiday. 


All of your creature comforts are taken care of in our Tiny Houses, as guests are offered a luxurious, comfortable stay fully included with well-equipped kitchenettes, hot showers and waterless eco-friendly compost toilets. Detach from the stresses of day to day life and come relax, recharge and connect with nature at Tiny Aways St Albans Accommodation.


To find out more about exactly what one of our spectacular getaways has in store for you, contact us today either by phone, email or our quick response contact forms.Ph: 1800 181 926

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