Tiny Homes in Australia


Currently, many people are embracing the idea of living in tiny houses due to the freedom and the tiny life philosophy that comes with the tiny house lifestyle. There are substantial reasons why many people are opting to reduce the size of the space they live in.


According to research, tiny homes are becoming popular because of the effective solution they offer with regards to the issues of unaffordable housing. They are based on simplicity, living in small spaces with less expenses.


Perhaps you have never heard about tiny homes or farm stays and wondering what it's all about. Don’t worry. You have come to the right place to find out everything about tiny houses in Australia and get to know some of the best destinations


What Is Tiny House or Tiny Home?


A tiny house also is a small house that forms a tiny home, Tiny houses usually measures less than 600 sq ft. This means that they can fit on a trailer with maximum dimensions 40 feet long, 13 feet 6 inches tall and 8 feet 6 inches and provides you around 340 sq ft space.


They are often constructed on trailers due to their small size which makes them unqualified as permanent structures as per the requirements of most local authorities. In fact, most countries categorize them as recreational vehicles.


The popularity of tiny houses has resulted in the formation of tiny house movement, an architectural and social movement whose role is sensitizing people on the benefits of living in small homes.


What Are the Benefits Of Staying In Tiny Houses?


The key reasons why many people are embracing the concept of tiny houses is centered on saving money, simple living and helping the environment. Additionally, tiny houses offer the best place for people living in bustling cities who want to spend some time in a serene environment.


Understanding the financial implications of going small is pretty simple; less square footage translates to less consumption hence cheaper utilities. Furthermore, the cost of building and maintain a tiny house is relatively cheaper, and you might not need any loan.


Additionally, tiny living has less environmental impact. This is because with less utilities the level of carbon footprint is set to be reduced. Some people even live with no impact on the land.


The idea of tiny houses is majorly based on simplification. They allow you to simplify how you live. Among the ways of making your life straightforward is getting organized, downsizing and reducing clutter. Tiny homes create an enabling environment where you can accomplish all these.



What Is A Farm Stay?


A farm stay is a unique type of accommodation offered on a working farm. Some farm stays provide opportunities for children to participate in farm activities such as collecting eggs, feeding the animals and learning how the farm functions. However, others are focused on offering only peaceful retreats for children and adults.


Guest are normally charged accommodation rates that include pay rates for vacation rentals, area bed, and breakfast, but prices could vary.


Why Choose Australia For Farm Stays?


There are many reasons to choose Australian farm stays over those from other countries. Among the reasons is because most tiny houses in Australia are well designed and located in the best environmental setting providing you with enormous opportunities to learn and enjoy.


If you want to get your kids away from electronic devices during holidays or looking for a romantic getaway, then farm stays in Australia are the perfect destinations. They give you an exceptional taste of life away from the busy urban life.


Ever felt like making butter or milking a cow? There is no doubt that life at the farm can be pretty good offering your enormous opportunities to engage in farm activities, and to some this is a dream come true.


The activities in most Australian farms are all centered enjoying the fresh produce, the fresh air, and the country atmosphere. Furthermore, the degree of your participation is all up to you.


 So, where can you get the best farm stays in Australia? Here are some of the best farm stays in Australia.


Which Part of Australia Is Ideal For Farm Stays?


While there are plenty of places in Australia where farm stays are found, not all these destinations are great. This is because there are considerations you need to make before settling on any place. What does the place offer? Is it livable?


When it comes to climatic conditions, scenery and the comfort of living, the three cities that stand above the pack include Melbourne, Sydney, and NSW. So, if you are planning to stay in a tinny house on your next vacation, these places are worth consideration.


But, what makes these destinations right for you? Read on to discover.


  1. Melbourne


Melbourne is not just among the favorite cities to stay in Australia. It is one of the best cities in the world. The charm and vibe that the city is built with can’t be found anywhere. There are lots of things that make this place worth your time ranging from natural beauty to architecture.


It has an incredible surrounding an environment that will suit anyone who needs to stay in a serene environment. This is why it is one of the most livable cities in the world.


Here are the things that you will enjoy staying in the farm stay in Melbourne.




What is the weather like in Melbourne? Melbourne’s weather is unpredictable and commonly referred to as “Four Seasons in One Day.” However, this doesn’t mean that your stay won’t be amazing, you can enjoy the weather all year round. Some layers alongside waterproof coats will see you through winter.


When picking your dressing code to put on in Melbourne, you need to be well prepared to adjust to the changing weather conditions. For instance, July and August feature strong and cold northwest winds. Carry a windproof jacket that will see you through this season.


Additionally, the weather might not get hot during summer which means that you only need a light sweater or jacket, but waterproof shoes are a must.


Even with the unpredictable weather, you still have lots of activities to engage in when living in a farm stay including feeding chickens and sheep, grooming horses, hanging out with the peacocks or even fishing.


Beautiful Scenery


Enjoy Melbourne’s breathtaking scenery that features diverse natural environments. If you are looking for the best place to unwind during your vacation, then Melbourne is the perfect destination. You leave the world behind when you visit stay farms at Melbourne allowing you to stay in a peaceful and relaxed environment.


With several things to enjoy in Melbourne, there is no doubt why it is a favorite city that attracts over a million visitors each year. There are many dives near the city where you can enjoy Melbourne’s attractive scenery.


2. Sydney


As a parent, you might not find any interest in seeing sheep and cows if you grew up around them but, the experience is exceptional for your kids who have grown in the city. Anything that is associated with farming lights up their eyes because they yearn to know more.


Beautiful Scenery


Sydney stands out as one of the best destinations featuring great farm stays in an amazing environment. So, if you are planning on visiting a farm stay near Sydney, then you won’t regret your decision.


In fact, Sydney is often referred to as the most beautiful city in the world for its balance of impressive skyline, botanic gardens, beautiful harbor, iconic landmarks, and incredible architecture.





Although people take weather lightly, it is a crucial factor to consider before visiting any place because it will determine how enjoyable your days are going to be during your stay. Sydney’s weather is incredible, moderate and pleasant even with all the four seasons.


It enjoys a sunny climate with warm summers and mild winters. This makes it the perfect destination to allow you to to be involved in various farming activities in the farm stays.


3. New South Wales (NSW)


New South Wales is yet another incredible destination that attracts several visitors each year at its waterfront landmarks and glittering harbors such as the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. Besides, its neighborhood is an excellent destination for people who need to explore more farming.


Their farm stay NWS in this area are conveniently located to provide visitors with easy accessibility. You can visit NSW with your family if you want to build unforgettable memories due to the amazing experience that the place offers.




New South Wales is reputable for its sunshine and blue skies that visitors and residents enjoy throughout the year. This area also enjoys temperate weather although there could be variations in climates various regions.


NSW feature an array of climates from lush forests, sun-drenched coastal beaches to the arid outback desert and the snowy alpine regions. Rainfall and temperature vary from one place to another but generally mild and will suit most visitors.



Beautiful Scenery


NWS offers a beautiful space that is characterized with a range of rural landscapes from the sub-tropical forests in the North, the snowy mountain in the south and the great red plains of the outback which is some of the world’s most iconic sceneries.


You will also enjoy the wide sheep farming land that spread to the west side of the Great Dividing Range taking up two-thirds of NWS. Pick this amazing destination for your next far stay and tag along your family for the best farm stay experience.




With the integration of ecotourism and the idea of tiny houses, Tiny Away offers you an exceptional living spaces and destinations enabling you to escape your busy life and spend time in a relaxed environment.


The fact that the tiny houses are based on simplicity doesn’t mean the quality of life for its occupants is compromised. The homes are well handcrafted with incredible designs providing you an opportunity to live and interact with farming in spectacular rural settings.


If you are looking forward to spending time in a tiny house or farm stay, then look no further than a tiny house. They connect you with mother nature in a way you won't find anywhere else. Furthermore, you have various destinations to choose from including Melbourne, Sydney and New South Wales.


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